What Is Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing

Pay Per Call Marketing for Affiliates

Pay per Call affiliate marketing is a sort of affiliate marketing in which you get paid depending upon your performance. Different businesses or marketers etc. hire affiliates as partners and pay them for every visitor they get on their site to make call to their business through your ad campaign. This is a new and easy way of online marketing that is getting more and more boost with the development of technology.

If you are good at online marketing you can use your skills and become an affiliate and get you commission whenever a call gets converted into qualified leads through you. An affiliate’s job is just to send in potential buyers to their site. There are many networks and platforms available now that are giving this facility of affiliate marketing to the marketers.

So if you are a marketer you should definitely use pay per call affiliate marketing. This not only increases your performance but also customer’s experience since a bunch of experts in handling traffic would look after your phone calls and campaigns sending in only the qualified leads your way.

Pay per call affiliate marketing is no doubt an effective way of increasing the income of your company. Let’s take a look at how can you set up Pay per call marketing for your business.

Pay per Call Marketing Set Up

So chances are you might already know what pay per call marketing is, it is one of the form of marketing which has become popular among the marketers who are looking for good business and are serious about investing their money to get a good marketing strategy. It is an effective way of driving customers towards your business. It makes people that are interested in your product to make calls to your business and if their buying intent is strong they might change into a conversion. There are usually two ways of running pay per call, one way is either you can get to a network for acquiring their services, they already have a large range of affiliate partnership ready for you, or you can go to a company and ask them to work for your business as an affiliate manager.

Now you might be wondering what the difference between the two is?

The major difference between a network and affiliate manager is that, a network would bring in more volume and you will have a wider exposure. However, where one of your major business goals of getting plenty of exposure and good quantity of call is being fulfilled the other goal that is, good quality is not assured. Because it is very important that the calls get converted and only then they are a qualified lead if the call is not valuable the large volume of calls that you are getting does not matter. A network promises to bring you calls and nothing else. On the other hand affiliate manager only gets you quality calls. They make it their priority that the calls you are getting are of high quality and they convert so that you are able to get your profit and they get theirs. In short, a network is important if you want quantity and an affiliate manager is important when you need quality. They both use different strategies to gain the customer’s interest in your product or services.

How is Affiliate Marketing Important?

Mobile Phone Marketing and Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing:

We can see that with the increase in the use of smart phone marketers are trying to focus more towards mobile marketing because the profit and calls being driven from that is higher than any other source. Affiliate networks and managers are trying to make more effective mobile pay per call marketing campaigns. They target the audience through their creative skills and ads. Pay per call affiliate marketing is getting more and more success with the mobile marketing.

Digital Marketing and Pay per Call

We all know the importance of digital marketing. Digital marketing is being used for a while now especially by big businesses. They increase their services, brand and products through digital marketing launching different campaigns. This trend has been picked up by affiliate marketing. Now affiliate marketers are using theses display ads for running their campaigns and driving more calls than ever towards their advertiser’s business. This results in increased revenue. By mixing the two digital and affiliate marketing campaigns are running more smoothly and the audience reach is also expanded. Click to call facility also plays a major role in this success. Because there is nothing more convenient for people than to clicking on a button and getting connected with the marketer for the product or services they are interested in.

Phone Calls Focused

The future of pay per call affiliate marketing is focused on phone calls. All the affiliates, publishers and advertisers are looking for ways to get more and more phone calls so that they are able to succeed. Pay per call affiliate marketing use different call analytics to make the customer journey pleasant and they are able to gather data related to calls so to make changes in their campaigns and way and it also helps them to measure their ROI.

Pay per call affiliate marketing is a safe way to invest your money in, it gives you good and direct results as all the work that is being done is by people who are experts in the marketing field and you can assure your investment to be in good hands. One thing that you might want to take care of is that you choose the right pay per call affiliate network for your marketing and advertising campaigns, so that they are able to fulfill all of your requirements and you get to have an optimized marketing experience by getting more revenue in return of the small investment you made in the form of these networks and affiliate managers.