Popular Verticals and Industries for Pay Per Call Marketing

Top Verticals for Pay Per Call Marketing

Pay per Call is a type of marketing and advertisement that many of the industries are using for generating more customers and revenues.

Popular Industries for Running Pay Per Call Programs

Some of the best Pay Per Call Verticals are as follows:

Home Services

One of the pay per call verticals that serves well are home services, believe it or not these services (for e.g. lawn mowing, gutter cleaners, etc.) they are a very small scale business some are just a group of 8 or 9 people working together. They have few people and a lot of work for them to do; they have to walk around for selling their services. Pay per call can provide them with a customer base so strong that they would not have to worry for about a year. However, the pay per call for home services is a bit different from the pay per call used for small businesses.

  1. Flyers and mails:

This is an old way of marketing that introduced pay per call for general services. Even today these home services company use flyers or direct mailings some even use vehicle ads too to build up a customer base or to expand their audience reach. This is so common that every one of us have seen it, we often come home and find these ad flyers for different services on our doorsteps of these companies.

Some of the companies make big money by using these old pay per call verticals, all they do is increase their service attraction for customers, they introduce things like coupons for new customers or deals for new customers etc. this has seen to be very effective for them.

  1. Building Audience:

There are many outdoor home services since they are not able to spend upon the large fuel cost for vehicles they have to choose the best form of marketing. Pay per call can help them target their audience and so build up more and more customers. They help them by running direct mails and flyers that focuses on the services they do well in.

Pay per call helps them in getting more customers and many of them may come again for their services. Many of these home services companies don’t just stick on one job they move from one job to another as what is comfortable with them. For e.g. if they offer their services for lawn mowing in spring they may also offer snow plow during winter. Pay per call creates different ad campaigns targeting the areas from where they can get more revenue from.

Pay per call and publishers help them build a strong customer base and also increase their revenue.

Medical Services

Another pay per call vertical, it is one of the fastest growing one. Pay per call ads can be a good source of driving more patients to your practice. These are basically paid ads on top and bottom of the search page and these are the results a patient is looking or when they search for health services.

Pay per call is such an effective way of advertisement that within few days you get to see the results, you will see your phone ringing if you have chosen the right campaigns this way you can get to see more patients and help them.

  1. Search engine:

The first thing you should be doing is choosing the right ad campaigns so that when patients search for health services they instantly click your ads. After that you have to make them call you and make an appointment with you. You don’t have to worry about both of the things if you are using a good pay per call platform.

  1. Keywords:

Another key for driving in more patients is to choose the correct keyword so that more patients are attracted. Pay per call platforms is very efficient in this aspect as well. They know what the patients are searching for and what the keywords is that would make them click more.

  1. Analyzing Your Traffic:

Pay per call also lets you analyse how you are doing. You get to see how many patients are calling you and you can also view the number of clicks your online ads are receiving.  

This way you will be able to see your ad spend and how much each patient costs. This would also help you maintain your ad campaigns etc.

Insurance Services

Insurance services like, life insurance, car insurance, mortgage, homeowner insurance, expense insurance, etc. are another vertical where pay per call is the best.

If we take the example an insurance agent, we know that success to them is directly proportional to their local market profile. Things like how their profile looks to the locals etc. because the locals are the target audience they want to sell their services to. The whole insurance business depends upon the generation of quality leads from these locals. Insurance of any kind would need leads and that is confirmed. Pay per call has however, made the whole process a lot easier. Insurance agents use different set of campaigns to get quality leads which results in a higher conversion rate.

It is even harder for insurance agents to get a quality leads because unlike other businesses their prospect is not to just generate calls they want callers that are interested to buy what they are selling or providing. So getting such strong callers mean the campaign was a success and insurance agents got what they want. They should do these two things most importantly build their ad campaigns targeting towards an audience because people of different ages and areas would want different things and many of these agents are also often providing different services so they need to get different ad campaigns targeting towards each field.

The other thing is that they should consider mobile pay per call marketing like including a click to call button so that it is convenient for customers as they would be able to call by just one click.

Pay per call helps in different ways for different industries it even helps personal services. This shows how widespread it really is!