Running Pay Per Call Campaigns

A marketer measures its success by measuring the ROI (Return on Investment) of the company. For a good ROI marketers need to build strong strategies, they should know what is healthy for their business and what is not since the budget should be invested carefully. In today’s world there are many options that they can follow looking at their requirements.

One of the strongest strategies is pay per call marketing. It serves all the main purposes of marketing businesses etc. all you have to look for is the right kind of tools for your business be it from online or offline source, web, paid search, TV, mobiles etc.

Let’s have a look at how does Pay per Call marketing work and what it actually is.

Pay per call is basically a widely used marketing method. How it works is, publishers get paid by the advertisers for running campaigns to generate qualified calls. These publishers/ affiliates make strong and creative advertising about the product etc. for targeted audiences so that more and more people make calls. These affiliates get commission for every call that buys or converts or remain on the line for specific time duration.

Many people want to know the correct use of pay per call campaigns. Marketers are always trying to figure out how to optimize their revenues, they want to consider every source whether it be offline marketing or online marketing. For this purpose following are some ways in which pay per call campaigns help them:

Optimize Your Online Sources Using Pay Per Call

In a world filled with opportunities, where everything is changing and developing day by day. Marketers have a tough competition and they want to excel one another so relying only on web experience is not enough especially when the times are of Omni channel. Marketers are now able to give their customers a personalized experience when they visit their website. The technology they are using is Dynamic Number Insertion DNI. Through this the whole customer journey from the first click that lead them to the website to the click that made them call is tracked, when a customer calls. The Dynamic Number Insertion is done by placing a snippet of code on the web page and it creates unique phone numbers for each visitor automatically. This helps marketers and the customers to be able to make calls easily since a phone call is a more personal experience and is a more sure way of getting qualified leads.

In this age of smartphones there is an increase in calls being driven from mobile phone searches. So using pay per call can easily bring more revenue for your company. To make calling experience convenient for the customers marketers can introduce click to call feature in the paid Google searches etc. this make it easy for the callers to call directly the business after looking at the options. Marketers are using call attribution to the paid search, ad groups and keywords that are generating calls. By doing this marketers can monitor which of the source is contributing actively in the increasing ROI (return on investment).

One thing we all agree upon is that mobile phones have brought revolution in the marketing world now the customers are able to connect to the businesses from online to offline source by just one click. At only one click visitors can be turned into customers, isn’t that amazing? The interaction between the callers and marketers has reduced to just one click and this brings such a positive impact upon their revenue. Through pay per call marketers are able to make money from their mobile traffic online or offline.

Managing Offline Channels through Pay per Call

Although, print media marketing is an old offline channel but using pay per call with it marketers still need it for their business. It is a simple old method of generating more revenue. A relatively small percentage of calls than the website marketing are converted, even if the percentage is small it is meaningful for their business. The percentage of conversion is still more than that converted from clicks. This is because a person would only pick up the phone if their buying intent is high otherwise no one would bother the inconvenience. This kind of marketing is simple as well as easy, you just have to put a number on one of the marketing channel and in return you would get possible qualified leads, this doesn’t look bad to me.

One other offline source that is still popular and everyone at least adults watch it. Marketers use this for their own benefit and tie phone calls to the TV ads which then generate callers; they do this for an accurate attribution of ROI (Return on Investment). Mostly it is seen that when people are watching TV they use their smartphones as well or even if they are not using it they have it somewhere near them so when they see an ad that interests them the chance of making a call from their mobile phones is quite high.

One other source that usually everyone overlooks is Radio. Yes, it is another offline source that can help strengthen your business. The thing is whenever people listen to radio they also listen to different ads that are mostly jingles which upon repeated listening they come to memorize it. Marketers can use this thing and put their business phone numbers on radio. This would help them in increasing their ROI (Return on Investment) since the listeners would have their numbers memorized and can call any time they want their product or services.

In conclusion pay per call campaigns is the best to use if you really want to understand your customer’s journey and optimize your marketing by gaining the maximum profits from your online and offline channels. Marketers have really improvised their ways of generating more calls. The actual value of phone calls is determined by using pay per call campaigns