How To Run A Pay Per Call Marketing Campaign

Pay Per Call Programs for Affiliates

The internet world has gained such popularity for people who want to earn online that people are opting to learn techniques and traits through which they can build the career in the online world. In this regard, affiliate marketing has climbed the top of the ladder in being an extremely popular form of internet marketing through which people earn by selling other people’s’ stuff online. Not only has the affiliate marketing grabbed the attention of the online workaholics by providing them an ideal opportunity to earn online, but it has enabled the businesses to attain maximum profits through minimum efforts.

The greatest advantage of affiliate marketing is that it consists of various techniques which has broadened its work scope and has enabled the business to choose the desired technique depending upon their work style and requirements. Pay per Call is one such type of affiliate marketing which has gained tremendous popularity simply because it enables the online users to earn big money online. It differs from the traditional pay per call methods which exists through print media, TV and radio advertising.

What Is Pay Per Call Marketing?

In Pay per call marketing, the advertisers can hire you to use their provided affiliate phone numbers to send referrals to advertisers call centres. The thing that stands out for Pay per call marketing is that the users are relatively new to this form of affiliate marketing and that is why mastering this technique will make the online earning easy and fantastic. In this way, you bring traffic to advertisers call centres and it becomes easy for them to sell their products and achieve their desired sales targets. The businesses in return pay you handsome commission for your work.

What Makes Pay per Call Marketing A Massive Success?

The thing that works for Pay per call marketing is the principle on which the system works. In simple words, you are connecting a business to the customer and are helping them to market their product efficiently. Keeping into consideration the high conversion ratio through phone marketing, the businesses believe that this form of affiliate marketing can do wonders for them and can generate massive sales in no time.

How Pay per Call Marketing Works?

In Pay per call marketing, a business may hire you to send referrals to advertisers call centre. In order to get paid, your referrals need to stay at the line for 30 seconds at least while it may vary from business to business. It means that in accordance to be remunerated; you don’t necessarily need a referral to purchase something from the publisher instead, all you need is to get the referral to be on call for the least possible time after which you start getting paid for it.

Leading Pay per Call Networks:

Though the Pay per call marketing is relatively new, there are certain networks who have made a name for themselves in the pay per call affiliate marketing. Listed below are some of the best pay per call networks which in addition to being an ideal platform for the publishers; are an ideal foil for the online users who are willing to earn big online.

GlobalWide Media

When it comes to leading brands and publishers across the globe, GlobalWide Media has managed to grasp the attention of many through their professional work ethic and professional approach. The thing that works out for GlobalWide Media is their ability to stick with their data driven approach that has given premium media solutions to the publishers. Through integrated technology, they connect the brands with the right audiences thus paving the way for higher traffic and more profits. They have launched some of the world’s most famous pay per call campaigns and the publishers have reaped substantial profits through their ventures which is clearly visible in their long term partnerships with the leading brands all over the world. GlobalWide Media ensures that in addition to massive exposure that is required for your campaign, the safeguard of your brand reputation is of the top most priority as well.

CJ Affiliate

If you are a publisher who is looking for the top Pay per call network in the world, then you are bound to choose Commission Junction as your preferred partner as they make Pay per call marketing more rewarding and easy. What Commission Junction do is that, they monetize your online marketing efforts in the best possible by launching some of the most creative pay per call campaigns. They employ some of the world’s best database to ensure that the publisher gets a high quality targeted traffic to increase their conversion rates in general and business profits in particular.

The Pay per call marketing has garnered such a response from the publishers that it is widely expected that in the future, we may find companies willing to invest more and more in the Pay per call marketing to boost their conversion rates. The principle on which the Pay per call marketing works is extremely simple and that is why the companies are starting to form a long standing relationships with the companies that are willing to carve out unique Pay per call campaigns for them.

What is Pay Per Call Marketing?

Sending traffic to a merchant site plastered with telephone numbers used to be a total waste of time. You refused to promote those merchants, regardless of whether they had the best brand reputation in their niche market, i.e. think 1-800-flowers. Granted, that’s a little too obvious, but you know what I mean. The telephone numbers ‘leaked’ commissions when a person referred from your affiliate link, chose to order over the phone, rather than buy the product online. As sales conversions are always much higher with direct customer contact, I couldn’t blame merchants for posting their phone numbers. But the potential for commission leakage is why most of us personally stopped promoting almost all consumer goods, except through my own drop-shipping arrangements with merchants. Fortunately, merchants can now both speak to potential customers over the phone and pay affiliates their commissions due for referrals by setting up Pay Per Call marketing campaigns.

Quality Over Quantity: Pay Per Call Marketing Features

The goal of Pay-Per-Call is a platform to drive qualified leads to a business in a manner that can easily be tracked so that the parties involved can easily assess the value of the marketing campaign along with the lead’s source. It is often the case that you’ll be running multiple campaigns simultaneously, which on the other hand makes it all the more important to be able to keep track of a whole host of information, Most of the Pay Per Call Platforms have advanced features for the marketers who are concerned about increasing their call integrity. You can have complete visibility into the callers’ online preferences, behaviours etc. You can filter or route calls based on a number of conditions which includes:

  • Repeat callers or add new ones
  • Referral source
  • Keypress
  • Location of the caller
  • Day & Time of the week

If you’re aiming to spend all this money just to get people to call you. Better take your time out to optimize your call experience! Setting your terms and conditions means you’re taking a step further into an agreement with your media partners and affiliate marketers about how much amount you are willing to pay? Pay Per Call allows you to set priorities; whether to pay or not for the calls that:

  • Results in a conversion/sale
  • Resides within a certain location
  • Lasts for a specific duration
  • Are being placed within certain duration of the day

Marketing can be complex. But integrating your data can help you streamline workflows and help your entire marketing team make better and proper decisions. Pay Per Call Marketing enables you to integrate your data with CRM, call analytics, or data management etc.

Why Pay Per Call?

As smartphone users increase, and our phone becomes the essential tool for connecting with people and businesses alike, Pay Per Call is the most relevant and next-level arena to make sure you are present in. Our Pay Per Call marketing strategies make sure that your ads are seen by relevant audiences so that the leads that call are already looking for products or services just like yours. Pay Per Call uses unique trackable phone numbers to send qualified calls to you. As with any type of performance based marketing, you get the exposure regardless but only pay for the tangible leads that call in.

Difference Between Pay Per Call Marketing And Pay Per Click Advertising

Further, Pay Per Click takes you from one online place to another online place, whereas Pay Per Call marketing stretches to both online and offline advertising to include print, TV, and more. Pay Per Call and Pay per Click are both performance-based advertising models, and the main difference is not just the channels of computer or phone. First of all, there is a 10-15% higher closing rate for phone calls over online leads. While Pay Per Click can be vulnerable to click fraud, Pay Per Call has built on call tracking technology which safely tracks valid calls so that results and performance can be accounted for.

Quite frankly, although Pay Per Call is still very much in its infancy, it is the future of Affiliate Marketing. It not only provides the marketers a platform with a robust ROI but increases their call integrity with advanced technology. Like we do know that Pay Per Call marketing will only add to the bottom line. Over the next few years most merchants with affiliate programs will recognize its potential and start their own Pay Per Call campaigns. Right now, merchants on most of the major affiliate networks offer pay per call marketing campaigns — including Ringba, LinkShare, CJ Affiliate and etc.