Pay Per Call Traffic

How to Promote a Pay Per Call Offers

How to Promote Pay Per Call Offers

If you are a first timer in running pay per call campaigns then you might want some basics to get started with it. In this article we will focus on the steps taken for promoting pay per call offers. Following is a guide for running pay per call campaigns successfully:

Finding a Suitable Pay per Call Offer

The first step towards a pay per call campaign is basic you have to pick an offer to promote, in this step you will get to choose what you will promote. Even if this seems easy to choose this is the basic step to getting started and there are few things that you should consider choosing any offers.

The first thing you would want to consider is obviously the payout. But that’s not the only thing that needs to be considered you should check some other criteria like what is the duration at which the call converts, usually the call converts on approximately 1 to 3 minutes for pay per call offers. Some of the calls require the callers to press a key before moving on further so it depends upon the key that the offer you are promoting payout or not.

Some other things that you should consider are regions that are accepted, call center hours, type of promotion etc. we recommend that you should also listen to the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) so that you are able to make the decision perfectly that you would whether promote or not.

Sometimes you are able to make your own IVR this is a very good opportunity if you get because it is a very efficient way of filtering calls. You are able to create and manage your own IVR and it is totally upon you if you want to send it to your callers or not meaning, it can be customized. This basically provides you with a chance of selling the offer or introducing the offer by a very professional recording. You can also filter your calls by making the callers select offers based on the keys they press.

It is not necessary that an IVR has to be a recording which introduces your offer; it can be used for filtering your calls.

We recommend publishers to make good use of this feature as many do not consider how potentially good this tool is and how well publishers can use it for generating more calls or optimizing the marketing and call experience.

Creating Ads and Generating Calls

After you have chosen the offer you are going to promote for the best thing about pay per call is that you do not need any website for running your campaigns you can just start generating calls by making ad over different sites.

Search engines play an important role in this, they know that all of the businesses need more conversion rates so they provide them with services that results in more calls.

Google call-only ads are especially effective for promoting pay per call campaigns. Here are some great resources for learning about call-only ads:

AdWords Call-Only Ads - Pay Per Call Programs

The ad distribution is one of the key factors for the businesses that which one gets the best ad distribution. Another important thing while setting up your ad campaign is choosing the right keywords to bid on. Some often choose broad search term but the thing is that they can be very expensive and might also not bring in high quality leads. However, if you choose keywords that are relevant to your targeted audience then that have better chances of bringing in quality leads. Keywords could be location based so that the customers who want to visit your office can take advantage of it or they could be keywords that basically target those customers that want to quickly get connected to the marketers.

Choosing the keywords can be hard but this is the key point of the campaign that has a direct impact on the ROI so this should get great amount of consideration.

How to Analyse Your Performance?

So before you get started you should also look for the ways you are going to follow for tracking your campaigns and measuring your performance.

If your campaigns are running over the web or mobile searches or any other offline sources to analyse your campaign and your own performance you should make use of call tracking and other call analytics. This helps in tracking down the source and also lets you know the most calls generating tools. One most important thing is you get to record and collect data of each call which you can use to analyse your performance and carry out important decisions related to campaigns etc.

How Can You Optimize Your Campaigns?

One of the major ways of improving your campaigns is getting your customers a good call experience. This is the main thing which can make the call converts is how the conversation happened. To optimize your call treatment following are some key points to focus on:

  1. You should be considerate towards the language that your customer is using and use that for communication. Also, make sure that everything is clear and not too long.
  2. Try putting the options like pressing of any keys etc. at the end of the calls.
  3. To make sure that calls are going to the right section or location you should use automatic routing.
  4. Filter out calls that are probably of low quality.
  5. Based upon your campaign customize your calls.
  6. You should monitor the duration of your calls and call recordings to see if there is something that needs to be changed.
  7. You should look up for things like how was the caller experience or did they face any inconvenience like call dropping after 10 seconds, being routed to wrong location, not being able to connect to the agent, etc. so that you can improvise yourself.

Another thing you should do for optimizing your calls is filtering them for quality leads. But this step comes much later when you have reached the level where you have a certain volume of calls traffic. Because only then you are able to spot the common thing among the types of calls that mostly converts.

How To Generate Pay Per Call Traffic

How To Generate Pay Per Call Traffic

Pay per Call has been around for a while now and everyone is taking advantage of this new performance based marketing. The most important part of this type of marketing is its lead generation. The number of leads generated from different channels where publishers publish ads related to different products and services they want to sell. There are many channels Pay per Call Traffic is generated from but one of the most important source is online. Following are the ways that you can generate calls from online sources.

Google AdWords

This is a known fact to many that running pay per call campaigns over AdWords is a bit expensive than other methods because the competition is always there. But the advantage of running a pay per call campaign on AdWords is that it promises you a good volume of high quality leads, given that you have done your part i.e. set it up correctly.

For Example: If someone needs a maid that can cook for a day urgently what would they do?

Knowing that today almost everyone owns a smartphone they would search for “urgent maid + cook services” and then they would call or click the first search option and since they are an in an urgent need of a maid who can also cook they would think that they don’t really have much choices left and end up buying your service hence, converting into a lead.

One of the cons this AdWords option has is not everyone is going to call you as soon as they see your ad. So sometimes the ads can get a bit more costly then the call itself.

However, this method is very easy and quick to set up and also generate a high volume of quality calls for you. For a guaranteed success of your pay per call campaign you should really look into the keywords and demographics so that you know every bit of it.


Running pay per call campaigns on Facebook might not be the thing you always listen that people do because they think that who is going to call seeing a Facebook ad?

And they are right. If we look at the above example that we discussed, how thick are the chances that someone is going to call your service for maids that can cook by looking at an ad on Facebook. I am not saying that it is impossible but it is rather hard to get a large amount of high quality lead. Although, that does not mean that Facebook is incompetent for certain niches, there is always a way to work things out. Facebook can also work with such things but there are some specific niches that Facebook ads do well in for e.g. commercial landscaping or cosmetic surgery etc. There are more chances of generating high quality leads for commercial landscaping if you target the right people like middle age people, people with high income or homeowners etc.

The Demographics that you need for your offers, well Facebook is the right place with right traffic source to provide you with that. You can always know the information regarding your prospect buyers.

If you are using Facebook for your campaigns and you see people that have never shown any interest in your product before for e.g. you are marketing for commercial landscaping, then what you can do is capture their email by giving them a checklist, blueprint or a guide because they got to have some information regarding your product before committing to it.

What happens is that your leads that you have been working on warms up and this is reportedly the best way of acquiring a very high quality client. Since commercial landscaping is an expensive thing so the lead generation is not that easy the leads that are generated are considered to be very valuable.


LinkedIn is one of the most important source through which you can generate calls using pay per call campaigns. LinkedIn serves as the best traffic source especially if you are running a niche that is B2B sales. Although, LinkedIn is a very expensive source of generating high quality traffic it still provides with certain demographics that no other traffic generating source can provide you with.


Not many people consider YouTube as a good source of traffic for pay per call campaigns but they forget about YouTube video ads. You also might be thinking who would pick up the phone and make a call in the middle of watching videos? And that is kind of correct they would want it to finish quickly but the thing is you can use it for your own benefit after all YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. You can make the most out of it by making a much targeted video and get some good quality lead when that targeted audience watch it and that too would not be that expensive for you.

For Example: if someone searches over YouTube for something like “how to get rid of a mole” you can take advantage of it and make a very targeted and informative video about it and all you have to do is watermark your website and phone number of one of your cosmetic surgeon clients. This may seem like a lot of effort and money but the video you are making shouldn’t have to be that high maintenance. You can just be simple about it and the best part is you would have to make the video just once and you get to use it for different related ad purpose or for different areas just by changing the watermark every time.

So, a little investment does not seem bad to me, in return you would be making a lot more money. Also YouTube videos can be very valuable for local SEO that too with lesser competitive keywords. You just have to optimize the video properly and get it to rank in top 10 in the search term, isn’t that amazing?!

So these are some of the ways that you can generate calls from online. Hope this was helpful for you!