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A Quick Guide To Pay Per Call Marketing

If you are new to pay per call marketing and are feeling a little confused, don’t worry. In this article, we will tell you everything a beginner needs to know about pay per call marketing. Read on and have all your questions answered.

A great marketer is a master of efficiency. He or she knows all the tricks to driving online lead and sales through the digital channels of his company in the most effective way possible in terms of cost. However, it is unfortunate to find out that many modern marketers are ignoring a highly valuable source of revenue: the phone call.

At first, pay per call marketing can seem complex and complicated as it combines both offline and online components—but with the right pay per call network, agencies, advertisers and publishers are motivated to generate and track phone calls in the same way they do for online traffic.

For the people still scratching their heads, trying hard to understand the basics of pay per call marketing, here is a short step-by-step guide to pay per call marketing.

Understanding What Pay Per Call Is

Pay per call is a kind of performance marketing. In pay per call marketing, an advertiser pays a publisher—also known as an affiliate or distribution partner—for all the quality calls generated on the advertiser’s behalf. To make it simpler for you, pay per call marketing involves tracking calls in the same way performance networks track clicks.

How Pay Per Call Works

It’s pretty simple. Basically, what happens is that advertisers design and create marketing campaigns that have the purpose of driving prospective customers to connect over the phone. The publisher, then, launches these call based campaigns and gets credit for all the calls they generate.

Benefits that Advertisers Get

Advertisers who choose to have their pay per call campaigns published are able to expand their distribution and the volume of their inbound phone calls across multiple channels with minimum added work on their part. Not just that, advertisers also get the benefit of complete visibility and control over their call traffic and the customer experience.

It is extremely important to maintain brand integrity and ensure an optimal customer experience when you are working with new publishers.

Keeping this in mind, pay per call networks give brands the control they need in order to test new pay per call campaigns and publishers with minimal risk.

Verticals that Perform Well For Pay Per Call

Industries that focus mainly on lead generation are the best verticals for pay per call, such as home services, travel, EDU, insurance, financial services, legal services, etc.

Pay per call also works well with any high-consideration product or service where customers very often require a human interaction at some point during the purchase journey. If you see from a retail perspective, anything with an average order value north of $400 are also well qualified for pay per call.

Benefits that Publishers Get

With the help of pay per call, publishers can develop a new source of revenue within their existing business model. It’s not just about either clicks or calls but both of them. Therefore, pay per call provides the publisher an opportunity to earn revenue from online as well as phone traffic using the existing channels and promotional methods.

Also, publishers will have to use the same tracking capabilities and analytics for call traffic that they use for online traffic. Along with that, publisher will also have access to new and highly valuable offers with higher commissions.

Marketing Channels And Tactics that Works Best for Pay Per Call

Pay per call marketing campaigns are highly profitable and get great results by using both online and traditional marketing tactics.

We see advertisers and publishers very often driving impressive results through paid mobile search, search engine optimization (SEO), print advertising, display advertising, radio and email.

How Calls are Tracked to their Source

Calls are tracked mainly in two ways, either by unique tracking phone number or by dynamic tracking phone numbers. In the former, each publisher or campaign is assigned a specific phone number, and when a customer calls using that phone number, it is tied to the original source.

In the latter, a small snippet of code is placed on a website or a landing page and unique tracking numbers are automatically populated, which capture key online touch points leading to a call, including publisher or referral source, campaign and keyword.

How A Call Qualifies for A Commission

A criterion is set by the advertisers that define what kind of call is commissionable. Most of the time, this is based on the duration of the phone call along with other qualifying factors such as the date, time, region or even the outcome of a call—such as a sale or any other type of conversion. Also, repeat calls or unanswered calls do not qualify as commissionable most of the time.

Filtered Calls

Calls can even be filtered based on many conditions, such as geographic location of the caller, phone type, time and day of the call, nature of caller (repeat or new), etc. Some pay per call networks can also filter calls using customers’ responses to questions and phone prompts through the interactive voice response (IVR). Using these conditions, the advertiser can decide how much a call should be commissioned. This enables the advertiser to pay out a higher commission for a higher quality call.

Call Routing

Some pay per call networks provide you with a feature that allows you to set up rules to automatically route calls to the best destination. Here’s an example for a better explanation: a publisher can run a non-branded auto insurance campaign, so they can drive calls to several insurance advertisers.

Depending on conditions such as the geographic location of the caller, the time of call or response to certain questions, the call will be routed to the advertiser or the agent that can help them the best.

This results in a great customer experience and allows the publishers to maximize the number of calls they can receive commissions for. The feature also works for advertisers that have multiple stores, locations or call centers in a similar manner.

How You Can Get Started?

We hope that we could show you a clearer picture of pay per call marketing. Now that you know what pay per call marketing is, you will agree that the next logical step of a business owner will be to invest in it. There are a number of ways to get started when it comes to pay per call marketing. connects the advertisers only with the leading pay per call networks out there, so we highly recommend to you. Good luck!

Pay Per Call Programs

How to Promote a Legal Pay Per Call Campaign

Pay per call is the best kind of marketing available today for many of the small businesses and entrepreneurs. Legal firms are another field that is using pay per call for their benefit.

For a lawyer, communication is something that they use for selling the more personalized experience their clients feel they have with them the more chances are there of conversion. Pay per call offers people in the legal firms especially lawyers to build a good and trusted relationship hence ensuring the lawyers more generation of inbound consumer calls.

If you are a lawyer and looking for some great way of getting quality leads, pay per call is the way for you. Pay per call lets you handle your client when they want to talk and when you are there to listen. It also sets up a system for the clients, which makes it easier for them to move on to the next steps.

If someone is looking for a lawyer then their top most priority would be trust. If they aren’t persuaded by your advertisements or other sources they might not turn to you for any legal advice. For this purpose pay per call lets you have direct connection with your possible customers. This way you can quench their queries and doubts easily and win their trust in the process as well. Based upon your answers you might get an appointment with them.

But there is a downside to this as well. You can always get calls that waste your time. For e.g. if a caller calls you and just ask a bunch of useless questions like the name of your firm, your qualification etc. instead of anything useful or they ask you a bunch of legal questions and never come back to you as a customer even when you did your best.

However, you can always use analytics tools along with pay per call features from a pay per call platform that are available now a days and get less of these types of calls. Many platforms have spam call block feature now which can be really helpful. You would be able to concentrate more on your prospect clients than the useless ones.

Without quality analytics you would not be able to track where your leads are generating from. So it is important that you have quality analytics if you want optimized results.

Tips for Running Legal Pay Per Call Campaigns

We have jotted down some helpful ways in which you can use pay per call for legal services:

Market Yourself

The first thing you might obviously want would be your own unique advertisement. It is the first and most basic step in which you can show your clients what you are able to do for them. Your ads are the key point; it is the starting of everything. If your ad does not make an impact on the people that see it then, that’s not really good for you. In this situation pay per call comes in help, it lets you monitor who your target clients are and then with the help of a pay per call platform you can build a well targeted advertisement of your own.

Multiple Campaigns

If you have a legal firm that deals with various kinds of services then you might want more than one campaign for your firm. Because, imagine having a single ad for all the different kind of legal services you provide people with, it can become messy. You should have different campaigns for each of your services that way you can target your clients much effectively. But having more campaigns can become messy as well if you don’t have a platform that helps you with it. Pay per call platforms is the best deal to help you with that, they will help you monitor each of your campaigns and along with some analytics they can become a very powerful tool for your firm that too with little investment.

Inbound Phone Calls

For lawyers usually phone calls are the best way of generating quality leads because people who care enough to pick up the phone are the ones really in need which means half of your work is already done you do not have a caller that you need to persuade for something that they don’t want. Once they have called all you have to do is to make sure that they are getting the best customer service and legal guidance that they want, in which pay per call can help you.

Another one of the most important thing pay per call offers you is tracking and analyzing of your campaigns easily. If you are using a pay per call platform then you should take care that each ad of yours have its own unique number that way you can easily track down the source of your calls, monitor your call volume and look over the clicks and views of your ads. Make sure to use an efficient agent for answering all your calls so that you are able to build clients. A person that does not know the objective of the call and is not efficient enough to handle the call would bring loss for you. So make sure you make good use of the phone calls you receive.

Time Is Everything!

Also make sure that you have a system that best suits your time table. This means that you should make sure that your ads run in the time you are available in your firm if not make sure someone else who I efficient enough to handle the call is there because having no answer after making a call would cast a negative impact upon people. Pay per call platforms let you manage your schedule and would make sure that you get your valuable calls without missing any opportunity. It’s all about strategy so make sure you have the best one.

No matter what there will always be people that would need legal guidance or help so make sure you do not disappoint them. Use pay per call and optimize your legal firm profit by helping more and more people.

How to Promote an Insurance Pay Per Cal Offer

How To Promote A Pay Per Call Insurance Campaign

Pay per Call is a fairly new way to market your campaigns and target a wide range of audience in a small amount of time. Looking at pay per call from an insurance agent’s perspective we know that there for providing out plans to people in a specific area and that is what Pay Per Call campaigns do, they run different campaigns for marketing purposes, so when people used it for their benefits in insurance industry the results were great.

For an insurance agent success means their local market profile, how their profile looks like to the locals, as they are the ones they approach as their audience. Their whole business especially the local ones, depends upon the leads drove from these local areas. Be it vehicle, home, life, health or anything other than this they need to have leads for that. This whole process has become so much easier by using Pay per Call campaigns; a rise in the quality leads along with high conversion rate is also seen.

Imagine having different ad sources like online search, flyers, newspaper etc displaying phone number for your campaign and when consumers call on it, if the caller is converted you get the benefit. How easy that is? This is why in insurance industry people use Pay Per Call advertising for a targeted audience.

Optimizing Your Insurance Leads Quality

Most insurance agents work through form submissions and wait for the people who filled the form through a website to convert into a qualified lead. First of all, this method has become old and people often find it hard to fill a form over the internet. It is harder for them to trust it because of all the spam going on all over the internet. However, if we look at the conversion rates through Pay per Call campaigns we can see a clear difference between the two.

We know how hard it is for insurance agent to get quality leads, as their prospect from their customer is not just to generate phone calls. For them quality lead means that the caller buys what they are selling. They need solid consumers who are looking for insurance so that an insurance agent is able to be successful.

If insurance agents choose Pay per Call they are ensured to be helped with their advertising to the audience their product actually target towards. Getting an affiliate or partner or publisher for their business that helps them in running the campaign and gets its own profit is a win-win situation for both. It helps build up the ROI (Return on Investment). This affiliate/ partner/ publisher can run their campaign and get them good quality call leads and we all know how important that is.

Mobile Pay Per Call Advertising

How important a mobile is in today’s world; we all know that, not only on an individual level but even for small businesses like insurance, get their profits from it.

It is obviously a fact that a majority of people in our society now have mobile phone so why not make some money from it? Pay per Call insurance campaigns or advertising when searched on web through mobiles, the users would want to call the site immediately which is why mobile devices are the most important source of generating calls.

There is a click to call button available now as well in all these campaigns upon clicking which the website visitor gets connected with the insurance agent without much difficulty. It all depends upon the target audience that how easy and convenient they found it to call. The more the calls from a targeted audience the more chance are there for conversion.

Getting More Insurance Leads

We all know for a fact that not many young people want to get an insurance and there is a limited audience available for such campaigns now but as we move on further with our requirements changing we can take advantage of the advanced new ways we now have to deal with certain issues.

For e.g. since we know that there are certain groups of people that would want the insurance/ plan in specific areas so why not target the audience according to their needs? This would ensure more and more phone calls that could become a conversion. Pay per Call lets you develop different call based advertising or online advertising which targets specific people. This is helpful especially for the insurance company as this is what they always have tried to do, sell their plan by targeting certain locations and categories. There are many Pay per Call platforms available now for this purpose. They allow insurance agents to have a detailed set of analytics like, call volume, duration, etc so that they can make good decisions in the future.

TV Commercials for Insurance Campaigns

Just like other advertisers insurance agents can make use of this old yet reliable method too. Advertising using television which not only targets a bigger audience but also have a good conversion rate since the calls that you would get from television advertisements would be the ones that are actually interested in buying. The only downside is that it is a bit expensive than other methods comparatively, but making use of pay per call campaigns after a while when you get big revenue back you can use that in advertisement.

No matter how we look at it pay per call advertising is an efficient and effective way to make the product reach go up high. It is a sure method of attracting more and more customer. Pay per Call allows advertisers to use other tools to attract the audience. The insurance agency is sure to be successful by taking advantage of pay per call as well as other tools. The insurance agents get their conversion rates high and that too within their budget.

If you’re looking for Pay Per Call Networks that run insurance campaigns, visit OfferVault to find rough payouts and payout criteria, or apply at to get direct introductions to account managers at top pay per call networks.

Need your own Call Tracking solution for managing your insurance pay per call campaign? Here are some of the Pay per Call platforms that have been providing its users with perfect solutions for you:

Popular Verticals and Industries for Pay Per Call Marketing

Top Verticals for Pay Per Call Marketing

Pay per Call is a type of marketing and advertisement that many of the industries are using for generating more customers and revenues.

Popular Industries for Running Pay Per Call Programs

Some of the best Pay Per Call Verticals are as follows:

Home Services

One of the pay per call verticals that serves well are home services, believe it or not these services (for e.g. lawn mowing, gutter cleaners, etc.) they are a very small scale business some are just a group of 8 or 9 people working together. They have few people and a lot of work for them to do; they have to walk around for selling their services. Pay per call can provide them with a customer base so strong that they would not have to worry for about a year. However, the pay per call for home services is a bit different from the pay per call used for small businesses.

  1. Flyers and mails:

This is an old way of marketing that introduced pay per call for general services. Even today these home services company use flyers or direct mailings some even use vehicle ads too to build up a customer base or to expand their audience reach. This is so common that every one of us have seen it, we often come home and find these ad flyers for different services on our doorsteps of these companies.

Some of the companies make big money by using these old pay per call verticals, all they do is increase their service attraction for customers, they introduce things like coupons for new customers or deals for new customers etc. this has seen to be very effective for them.

  1. Building Audience:

There are many outdoor home services since they are not able to spend upon the large fuel cost for vehicles they have to choose the best form of marketing. Pay per call can help them target their audience and so build up more and more customers. They help them by running direct mails and flyers that focuses on the services they do well in.

Pay per call helps them in getting more customers and many of them may come again for their services. Many of these home services companies don’t just stick on one job they move from one job to another as what is comfortable with them. For e.g. if they offer their services for lawn mowing in spring they may also offer snow plow during winter. Pay per call creates different ad campaigns targeting the areas from where they can get more revenue from.

Pay per call and publishers help them build a strong customer base and also increase their revenue.

Medical Services

Another pay per call vertical, it is one of the fastest growing one. Pay per call ads can be a good source of driving more patients to your practice. These are basically paid ads on top and bottom of the search page and these are the results a patient is looking or when they search for health services.

Pay per call is such an effective way of advertisement that within few days you get to see the results, you will see your phone ringing if you have chosen the right campaigns this way you can get to see more patients and help them.

  1. Search engine:

The first thing you should be doing is choosing the right ad campaigns so that when patients search for health services they instantly click your ads. After that you have to make them call you and make an appointment with you. You don’t have to worry about both of the things if you are using a good pay per call platform.

  1. Keywords:

Another key for driving in more patients is to choose the correct keyword so that more patients are attracted. Pay per call platforms is very efficient in this aspect as well. They know what the patients are searching for and what the keywords is that would make them click more.

  1. Analyzing Your Traffic:

Pay per call also lets you analyse how you are doing. You get to see how many patients are calling you and you can also view the number of clicks your online ads are receiving.  

This way you will be able to see your ad spend and how much each patient costs. This would also help you maintain your ad campaigns etc.

Insurance Services

Insurance services like, life insurance, car insurance, mortgage, homeowner insurance, expense insurance, etc. are another vertical where pay per call is the best.

If we take the example an insurance agent, we know that success to them is directly proportional to their local market profile. Things like how their profile looks to the locals etc. because the locals are the target audience they want to sell their services to. The whole insurance business depends upon the generation of quality leads from these locals. Insurance of any kind would need leads and that is confirmed. Pay per call has however, made the whole process a lot easier. Insurance agents use different set of campaigns to get quality leads which results in a higher conversion rate.

It is even harder for insurance agents to get a quality leads because unlike other businesses their prospect is not to just generate calls they want callers that are interested to buy what they are selling or providing. So getting such strong callers mean the campaign was a success and insurance agents got what they want. They should do these two things most importantly build their ad campaigns targeting towards an audience because people of different ages and areas would want different things and many of these agents are also often providing different services so they need to get different ad campaigns targeting towards each field.

The other thing is that they should consider mobile pay per call marketing like including a click to call button so that it is convenient for customers as they would be able to call by just one click.

Pay per call helps in different ways for different industries it even helps personal services. This shows how widespread it really is!

Tips for Pay Per Call Marketers

Advice for Pay Per Call Marketers

Many people especially affiliate marketers often think that they can just go on and start with pay per call marketing by using their usual traditional methods of affiliate marketing. However, this is not true. For pay per call marketing there are certain ways and techniques that one should know before they get into it otherwise everyone would have been doing it successfully. This is also one of the reason that many newbies become impatient and do not concentrate on the mistakes they are making by thinking pay per call marketing and affiliate marketing are one thing.

Top Tips for Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketers

For them following are some Pay per Call tips:

Tracking Your Call Traffic

The important thing in pay per call is not that you get a huge volume of call, it is important but that is not your objective you need the phone calls that convert. So you need to know where your traffic is coming from so that you can monitor your audience that what they are interested in. following are a set of things for a good tracking:

One of the most important things is that you should look for the data that is in there in the reports for information like timings, source etc.

Another one of the important things you should look for is the duration of calls and see if there is any pattern there like if people are hanging up on the 25 second then you should check with your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that what option is there at that moment. This would allow you to make changes to your system so that the call drop rates decrease.

One of the things every successful marketer is using is Dynamic Number Insertion with Ring Pool this enables you to track keywords from search ads, display ads, etc. in this way you would get to track the exact information about your caller that where they are coming form. Here also if you observe a pattern like if you see that most of your dropped calls are being generated from one keyword then you probably need to discontinue using that keyword for your own benefit.

Making Sure That Your Site Looks Legit

People these days are always in a rush, they just want to live their website but they need to think about it very carefully. Some of them make their websites so complicated just to make it look a bit creative that the customer does not know how to operate it. Make sure your website looks good and professional but it should be easy to use too. Your objective is to make your customers call you so focus on the phone number section especially. Make it clear and visible to the customer, it would be better if they see the first thing is your phone number. The more clear and user friendly your site is the more chances of them calling you is there.

Expanding Your Traffic Source

Often marketers choose to focus on just one channel for their campaigns like they usually would go on AdWords set up their ads there. That is fine but most of them just stop there, that is not good. You should look for more and more options from where you can get more pay per call traffic. Following are some of the channels for you to promote your ads to:

  1. First one is pop over ads units, using this target your competitor sites etc.
  2. You can use Mobile display to your advantage, almost everyone is using their mobile phones why not take advantage of that?
  3. Another important thing to use is Social; you can make a good targeted post looking at their searches and interests history.
  4. One of the most reliable channels can be Emailing. You can send them Emails and make phone number click to call so that they can directly call you seeing your ad if they are interested.
  5. Offline methods should not be disregarded as well they can also get you a good percentage of quality leads. You can make flyers, newspapers, etc.

Understand Your Customer Better for Your Marketing

Many of the marketers do not find it important to know their customers; they just make offers and campaigns without looking at their audience. This thing is so important that a marketer should do everything to understand their customers better. This helps them in so many ways. If you are tracking your phone calls you will have data like where your callers are from, why are they calling, how the conversation happened, do you know where they found out about your product or services? All this information is so important that it cannot be emphasized any more. If you know your customer you would make targeted campaigns and offers so the leads you would get would be of high quality. You can use AdWords, Bing AdWords etc. for getting updated on new most searched keywords etc.

Make Money with Less Competitive Offers

If you look around you would find that mostly people are willing to go in medical or legal or tax related pay per call and you might want to be in one too but you can take advantage of the odd ones since the competition there is less, the keywords etc. are not that expensive and you can get good opportunities of promoting since they are not the ones that mostly people choose to promote. Odd offers like hotel booking, concert tickets, etc. they can get you good and stable profit. Since there is not much competition present you would get a better option for targeting.

Along with all these tips you should make sure that you connect with your account manager as well since they are the ones supporting you.

If you go on using these tips you are good to start with pay per call marketing. Make sure that you look into details regarding your offers and products, you should know what they are exactly about also monitor your callers and track them smartly and don’t forget to track your own performance.  

How to Promote a Pay Per Call Offers

How to Promote Pay Per Call Offers

If you are a first timer in running pay per call campaigns then you might want some basics to get started with it. In this article we will focus on the steps taken for promoting pay per call offers. Following is a guide for running pay per call campaigns successfully:

Finding a Suitable Pay per Call Offer

The first step towards a pay per call campaign is basic you have to pick an offer to promote, in this step you will get to choose what you will promote. Even if this seems easy to choose this is the basic step to getting started and there are few things that you should consider choosing any offers.

The first thing you would want to consider is obviously the payout. But that’s not the only thing that needs to be considered you should check some other criteria like what is the duration at which the call converts, usually the call converts on approximately 1 to 3 minutes for pay per call offers. Some of the calls require the callers to press a key before moving on further so it depends upon the key that the offer you are promoting payout or not.

Some other things that you should consider are regions that are accepted, call center hours, type of promotion etc. we recommend that you should also listen to the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) so that you are able to make the decision perfectly that you would whether promote or not.

Sometimes you are able to make your own IVR this is a very good opportunity if you get because it is a very efficient way of filtering calls. You are able to create and manage your own IVR and it is totally upon you if you want to send it to your callers or not meaning, it can be customized. This basically provides you with a chance of selling the offer or introducing the offer by a very professional recording. You can also filter your calls by making the callers select offers based on the keys they press.

It is not necessary that an IVR has to be a recording which introduces your offer; it can be used for filtering your calls.

We recommend publishers to make good use of this feature as many do not consider how potentially good this tool is and how well publishers can use it for generating more calls or optimizing the marketing and call experience.

Creating Ads and Generating Calls

After you have chosen the offer you are going to promote for the best thing about pay per call is that you do not need any website for running your campaigns you can just start generating calls by making ad over different sites.

Search engines play an important role in this, they know that all of the businesses need more conversion rates so they provide them with services that results in more calls.

Google call-only ads are especially effective for promoting pay per call campaigns. Here are some great resources for learning about call-only ads:

AdWords Call-Only Ads - Pay Per Call Programs

The ad distribution is one of the key factors for the businesses that which one gets the best ad distribution. Another important thing while setting up your ad campaign is choosing the right keywords to bid on. Some often choose broad search term but the thing is that they can be very expensive and might also not bring in high quality leads. However, if you choose keywords that are relevant to your targeted audience then that have better chances of bringing in quality leads. Keywords could be location based so that the customers who want to visit your office can take advantage of it or they could be keywords that basically target those customers that want to quickly get connected to the marketers.

Choosing the keywords can be hard but this is the key point of the campaign that has a direct impact on the ROI so this should get great amount of consideration.

How to Analyse Your Performance?

So before you get started you should also look for the ways you are going to follow for tracking your campaigns and measuring your performance.

If your campaigns are running over the web or mobile searches or any other offline sources to analyse your campaign and your own performance you should make use of call tracking and other call analytics. This helps in tracking down the source and also lets you know the most calls generating tools. One most important thing is you get to record and collect data of each call which you can use to analyse your performance and carry out important decisions related to campaigns etc.

How Can You Optimize Your Campaigns?

One of the major ways of improving your campaigns is getting your customers a good call experience. This is the main thing which can make the call converts is how the conversation happened. To optimize your call treatment following are some key points to focus on:

  1. You should be considerate towards the language that your customer is using and use that for communication. Also, make sure that everything is clear and not too long.
  2. Try putting the options like pressing of any keys etc. at the end of the calls.
  3. To make sure that calls are going to the right section or location you should use automatic routing.
  4. Filter out calls that are probably of low quality.
  5. Based upon your campaign customize your calls.
  6. You should monitor the duration of your calls and call recordings to see if there is something that needs to be changed.
  7. You should look up for things like how was the caller experience or did they face any inconvenience like call dropping after 10 seconds, being routed to wrong location, not being able to connect to the agent, etc. so that you can improvise yourself.

Another thing you should do for optimizing your calls is filtering them for quality leads. But this step comes much later when you have reached the level where you have a certain volume of calls traffic. Because only then you are able to spot the common thing among the types of calls that mostly converts.

What Is Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing

Pay Per Call Marketing for Affiliates

Pay per Call affiliate marketing is a sort of affiliate marketing in which you get paid depending upon your performance. Different businesses or marketers etc. hire affiliates as partners and pay them for every visitor they get on their site to make call to their business through your ad campaign. This is a new and easy way of online marketing that is getting more and more boost with the development of technology.

If you are good at online marketing you can use your skills and become an affiliate and get you commission whenever a call gets converted into qualified leads through you. An affiliate’s job is just to send in potential buyers to their site. There are many networks and platforms available now that are giving this facility of affiliate marketing to the marketers.

So if you are a marketer you should definitely use pay per call affiliate marketing. This not only increases your performance but also customer’s experience since a bunch of experts in handling traffic would look after your phone calls and campaigns sending in only the qualified leads your way.

Pay per call affiliate marketing is no doubt an effective way of increasing the income of your company. Let’s take a look at how can you set up Pay per call marketing for your business.

Pay per Call Marketing Set Up

So chances are you might already know what pay per call marketing is, it is one of the form of marketing which has become popular among the marketers who are looking for good business and are serious about investing their money to get a good marketing strategy. It is an effective way of driving customers towards your business. It makes people that are interested in your product to make calls to your business and if their buying intent is strong they might change into a conversion. There are usually two ways of running pay per call, one way is either you can get to a network for acquiring their services, they already have a large range of affiliate partnership ready for you, or you can go to a company and ask them to work for your business as an affiliate manager.

Now you might be wondering what the difference between the two is?

The major difference between a network and affiliate manager is that, a network would bring in more volume and you will have a wider exposure. However, where one of your major business goals of getting plenty of exposure and good quantity of call is being fulfilled the other goal that is, good quality is not assured. Because it is very important that the calls get converted and only then they are a qualified lead if the call is not valuable the large volume of calls that you are getting does not matter. A network promises to bring you calls and nothing else. On the other hand affiliate manager only gets you quality calls. They make it their priority that the calls you are getting are of high quality and they convert so that you are able to get your profit and they get theirs. In short, a network is important if you want quantity and an affiliate manager is important when you need quality. They both use different strategies to gain the customer’s interest in your product or services.

How is Affiliate Marketing Important?

Mobile Phone Marketing and Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing:

We can see that with the increase in the use of smart phone marketers are trying to focus more towards mobile marketing because the profit and calls being driven from that is higher than any other source. Affiliate networks and managers are trying to make more effective mobile pay per call marketing campaigns. They target the audience through their creative skills and ads. Pay per call affiliate marketing is getting more and more success with the mobile marketing.

Digital Marketing and Pay per Call

We all know the importance of digital marketing. Digital marketing is being used for a while now especially by big businesses. They increase their services, brand and products through digital marketing launching different campaigns. This trend has been picked up by affiliate marketing. Now affiliate marketers are using theses display ads for running their campaigns and driving more calls than ever towards their advertiser’s business. This results in increased revenue. By mixing the two digital and affiliate marketing campaigns are running more smoothly and the audience reach is also expanded. Click to call facility also plays a major role in this success. Because there is nothing more convenient for people than to clicking on a button and getting connected with the marketer for the product or services they are interested in.

Phone Calls Focused

The future of pay per call affiliate marketing is focused on phone calls. All the affiliates, publishers and advertisers are looking for ways to get more and more phone calls so that they are able to succeed. Pay per call affiliate marketing use different call analytics to make the customer journey pleasant and they are able to gather data related to calls so to make changes in their campaigns and way and it also helps them to measure their ROI.

Pay per call affiliate marketing is a safe way to invest your money in, it gives you good and direct results as all the work that is being done is by people who are experts in the marketing field and you can assure your investment to be in good hands. One thing that you might want to take care of is that you choose the right pay per call affiliate network for your marketing and advertising campaigns, so that they are able to fulfill all of your requirements and you get to have an optimized marketing experience by getting more revenue in return of the small investment you made in the form of these networks and affiliate managers.