Pay Per Call For Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Pay Per Call

Let us make it distinctly clear to you, Pay Per Call has only been around from three to five years also, it’s a relatively new form of Affiliate Marketing. Many people are most curious to get knowledge of how can they start Pay Per Call Marketing? What are the best ways to drive traffic? And etc. Yet the most important of them all is the information you must know firsthand is:

What is Pay Per Call Marketing?

Earning commissions by sending referral from your affiliate to generate customer calls to different advertisers call center. In other words connect your business with a real customer who is interested in what you have to offer.

How Pay Per Call Works explained by Invoca
How Pay Per Call Works explained by Invoca

‘Both advertisers and affiliate publishers can benefit from this type of marketing with an infinite number of potential publishers out there. Pay Per Call not only uses a unique source tracking numbers but also provides the facility to show  clear tracking reports between an advertiser and publisher partners of how an ad is performing. Many of us may wonder; why companies are willing to pay such high referral commission? That’s because a single telephone leads to a very high conversion ratio.

Now since we know what Pay Per Call Marketing is and that it is a new form of Affiliate Marketing, another question that arises is:

What do you need to know about Affiliate Marketing?

If you want an ideal home business that doesn’t require a lot of money to get started with, Affiliate marketing is it for you! Whereas, referring new customers to other businesses would do the job. To help you understand Affiliate Marketing a little more in depth here are some tips:

  1. As long as you have Internet access feel free to work anytime from anywhere.
  2. You don’t need to create a product or service neither stock or ship products.
  3. Most affiliate programs are almost free to join, so all it needs is a Low cost to get started since all your costs are usually related to your referral/marketing methods.
  4. URL masking would help but you’re not given credit for your referral if Affiliate hijacking occurs.
  5. In most cases, you’ll have no information about who made the purchase, which makes it difficult to market for re-sales but your stats will let you know how many sales were made of what product; customer belongs to the merchant.
  6. It’s not that easy as it seems to promote a program. Since, you can bet that many others are promoting it as well.
  7. You need to mix and match affiliate ads so that you don’t overwhelm your visitors. Usually the in-content affiliate links have the best click through rates over image links.
  8. Understand who your target market is, Don’t have rely on either SEO or social media alone to drive people to your website. Enticing the right market would do the trick!
  9. Consider buying only quality affiliate products and services. Don’t just focus on the income, as quality matters more.
  10. Be patient, It can sometime take long to generate the amount of traffic required for a significant income.

Is Pay per Call a best fit for Affiliate Marketers?

Pay per Call Marketing requires high quality traffic and great ad copy to do all the talking. All you need as an affiliate is get your caller to stay on the line for specific minutes and you earn your commission. Boom! Pay Per Call is still relatively new for many affiliate marketers. That means the market hasn’t been saturated and the opportunity for real hardworking marketers to make real money with pay per call is enormous.

Pay Per Call Marketing Channels

So how does it work? Consider someone using your number to call, that call would be diverted to advertiser’s call center and the call duration is tracked and if it lasts long above the minimum call duration set by the advertiser, the publisher is paid! Whilst Pay per Call Marketing is a relatively present-day phenomenon in the online world, it has procured much acclamation amongst the affiliates due to its maximum potential for earning high conversion rates. BIA/Kelsey predicted that the future beholds lots of opportunities for affiliates who are looking forward to earn through passive income ideas will Pay per Call Marketing.

Here we will discuss three major key points that proves Pay per Call Marketing for Affiliates is the hottest niche in performance marketing:

Get full performance of your efforts

Get to know how many leads you are exactly driving; established by the advertiser and if their quality standards meet your requirements. Pay per Call Marketing is similar to an Affiliate Marketing Technique which not only generates a win-win situation for both publishers and advertisers but also sets multi-action, multi-channel pay per call campaigns which are not only designed to be simple but everyone’s best interest too.

Drive your marketing with maximum traffic resources

Pay per Call has tremendous potential in monetizing your traffic. For affiliates to get on board and use Pay per Call Marketing for earning a big cut through their traffic. Choose your traffic source sagely as it is known to be the bread and butter for a successful Pay per Call marketing. However, your initial traffic stream when setting up ads can possibly be in place in a matter of a day or two, it depends how many other untapped marketing channels are willing to promote the same product. Pay per Call provides an opportunity to the affiliates to earn high ROIs (Return on investment) for their online marketing efforts by employing Pay per Call Marketing Technique.

Get potential customers over the phone

High quality phone calls are likely to convert and these calls are invaluable. Affiliates get a higher pay out the moment a call converts! Advertisers on the other hand strictly prefer quality leads since they are aware customers are only interested in quality and durability whereas, marketing that product converts them into their loyal customers.

Well, It does not end here! As Pay per Call Affiliate Marketing creates a better experience for users by providing them the platform with multiple options of connecting them with the service and product provider.