Tips for Pay Per Call Marketers

Advice for Pay Per Call Marketers

Many people especially affiliate marketers often think that they can just go on and start with pay per call marketing by using their usual traditional methods of affiliate marketing. However, this is not true. For pay per call marketing there are certain ways and techniques that one should know before they get into it otherwise everyone would have been doing it successfully. This is also one of the reason that many newbies become impatient and do not concentrate on the mistakes they are making by thinking pay per call marketing and affiliate marketing are one thing.

Top Tips for Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketers

For them following are some Pay per Call tips:

Tracking Your Call Traffic

The important thing in pay per call is not that you get a huge volume of call, it is important but that is not your objective you need the phone calls that convert. So you need to know where your traffic is coming from so that you can monitor your audience that what they are interested in. following are a set of things for a good tracking:

One of the most important things is that you should look for the data that is in there in the reports for information like timings, source etc.

Another one of the important things you should look for is the duration of calls and see if there is any pattern there like if people are hanging up on the 25 second then you should check with your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that what option is there at that moment. This would allow you to make changes to your system so that the call drop rates decrease.

One of the things every successful marketer is using is Dynamic Number Insertion with Ring Pool this enables you to track keywords from search ads, display ads, etc. in this way you would get to track the exact information about your caller that where they are coming form. Here also if you observe a pattern like if you see that most of your dropped calls are being generated from one keyword then you probably need to discontinue using that keyword for your own benefit.

Making Sure That Your Site Looks Legit

People these days are always in a rush, they just want to live their website but they need to think about it very carefully. Some of them make their websites so complicated just to make it look a bit creative that the customer does not know how to operate it. Make sure your website looks good and professional but it should be easy to use too. Your objective is to make your customers call you so focus on the phone number section especially. Make it clear and visible to the customer, it would be better if they see the first thing is your phone number. The more clear and user friendly your site is the more chances of them calling you is there.

Expanding Your Traffic Source

Often marketers choose to focus on just one channel for their campaigns like they usually would go on AdWords set up their ads there. That is fine but most of them just stop there, that is not good. You should look for more and more options from where you can get more pay per call traffic. Following are some of the channels for you to promote your ads to:

  1. First one is pop over ads units, using this target your competitor sites etc.
  2. You can use Mobile display to your advantage, almost everyone is using their mobile phones why not take advantage of that?
  3. Another important thing to use is Social; you can make a good targeted post looking at their searches and interests history.
  4. One of the most reliable channels can be Emailing. You can send them Emails and make phone number click to call so that they can directly call you seeing your ad if they are interested.
  5. Offline methods should not be disregarded as well they can also get you a good percentage of quality leads. You can make flyers, newspapers, etc.

Understand Your Customer Better for Your Marketing

Many of the marketers do not find it important to know their customers; they just make offers and campaigns without looking at their audience. This thing is so important that a marketer should do everything to understand their customers better. This helps them in so many ways. If you are tracking your phone calls you will have data like where your callers are from, why are they calling, how the conversation happened, do you know where they found out about your product or services? All this information is so important that it cannot be emphasized any more. If you know your customer you would make targeted campaigns and offers so the leads you would get would be of high quality. You can use AdWords, Bing AdWords etc. for getting updated on new most searched keywords etc.

Make Money with Less Competitive Offers

If you look around you would find that mostly people are willing to go in medical or legal or tax related pay per call and you might want to be in one too but you can take advantage of the odd ones since the competition there is less, the keywords etc. are not that expensive and you can get good opportunities of promoting since they are not the ones that mostly people choose to promote. Odd offers like hotel booking, concert tickets, etc. they can get you good and stable profit. Since there is not much competition present you would get a better option for targeting.

Along with all these tips you should make sure that you connect with your account manager as well since they are the ones supporting you.

If you go on using these tips you are good to start with pay per call marketing. Make sure that you look into details regarding your offers and products, you should know what they are exactly about also monitor your callers and track them smartly and don’t forget to track your own performance.